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@matthiasmullie you said above:

As I understand it, we want to encourage short captions.
Does that mean we need to enforce them even if there are no technical reasons for doing so? Or do we just want to nudge people towards writing succinct descriptions, without forcing them to? (accurately describing something that has a really long name might get annoying)

Assuming we don't want to enforce that limit, I'm thinking we could add some progress bar towards some ideal length & warn users once they're over, but still allow them to submit it.
Kind of like how we warn when a user attempts to submit something without categories, but still allow them to submit it. Or maybe not even warn at all: progress bar might suffice to nudge people towards the desirable length.
I don't think we need to display an exact "x characters remaining" count if we don't really enforce it.

As for support in different languages: assuming we have no other research, we could start out with Twitter's findings of nudging people towards <some limit> in most languages, and <some limit / 2> in Chinese, Japanese & Korean?

I am definitely leaning towards encouraging, not enforcing. I can take a look at some ways to do a progress part towards some ideal length and a warning for it, but I don't know what that length/limit should be (not in English, nor in other languages).



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