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Whats the point of noratelimit if admins and bots are rate limited?

We can always have multiple limits.
Also noratelimit is part of mediawiki, we didn't create it for wikibase, but we are now finding out that perhaps it is a bad idea to have this on Wikidata.

However, yes. I agree with everyone that there should be some controllable edit rate.
This is a random suggestion, but feel free to ignore.
Perhaps, for "everyone", there is an enforced 100/min edit rate. For admins and "trusted users", 100/min is default since they KNOW not to do it and thus they get an option to set it higher.

I think a blanket limit should work for everyone, unless we can come up with a concrete reason that any group would need to edit faster.

I also suggest a co-share agreement between Magnus and WMF team due to [[Bus factor]].

I don't really understand this comment



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