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It was Mike Peel who asked for the capability, not I, but the result is the same.

I was under the impression that calling the API like this:"">

was completely cross-wiki compatible. After all, it defines the language of the wiki, the article, the query action and the property (as well as the format if required). If the API could be interrogated from Lua, then I would have expected that sort of functionality to become available.

In Lua I can read all sorts of properties from Wikidata for other language wikis into the English wiki, including monolingual text in other languages that is stored in claims, as well as sitelinks, but that's because Wikidata already has this cross-wiki capability.

It may be that the simplest solution for now is to run a bot every once in a while to import short descriptions from each language that uses them into Wikidata to replace the corresponding description when it differs. The we could go back to pulling the short description from Wikidata for Mike's cross-wiki jobs, secure in the knowledge that the information is up-to-date (more or less :-) .



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