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We may be considering different things here. As I understood it, Mike's suggestion was to be able to display English short descriptions in a page on Commons. That would be what you're thinking of as "where it's used". If the code on the Commons page pulled the value of the short description via the API every time the page was reloaded (but not otherwise), I can't see where we would need to notify the Commons page of any potential changes to the value. That's merely the reciprocal of the situation where we don't see that a Commons image has changed until we refresh a Wikipedia page that contains that image.

I can understand the value in centralising complexity and I agree that taking the short description from Wikidata was always going to be the simplest route, as Wikidata was designed for that sort of application. But the lack of policy meshing between Wikidata and the English Wikipedia has left us with no choice but to decentralise the sourcing of those descriptions.

Perhaps I underestimate the difficulties of exposing some of the API to Lua. However, the API provides functionality beyond what can be easily provided on a Wikipedia page to the reader using current tools. It would be worth having.



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