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  In T240884#5796687 <>, @Joe 
  > I think the main question to answer is "does it make sense to create a safe 
regex evaluation service?".
  > I think in a void the answer is "no". It could make sense to create a small 
C++ program wrapping the main re2 functionality and shell out to it from php.
  > On the other hand, we have to consider the wikimedia infrastructure for 
this and there are two counterpoints to be made:
  > - Is this a service we can only expect MediaWiki to call? If not, that's a 
point in favour of creating a separate service
  > - Shelling out for us works well by using a combination of firejail and 
cgroups creation that won't work well in the future with cgroups v2 and 
  > - Performance might not be extremely relevant
  > Now on the last point: this proposal seems to worry a lot about 
performance, but I see no performance requirement spelled out. Without more 
context, both the choice of shelling out vs and RPC service, and the proposal 
to use gRPC for said service seem to me like premature optimizations.
  > So my questions are:
  > - What is the 95th percentile of latency in  validating all the constraint 
on an item when editing it?
  > - What is the average, median and max number of regexes we need to validate 
per item?
  > Without answering those questions, we would just make choices by principle, 
while I think we should have a more pragmatic approach.
  I think there is a question of whether we are just going to have the wikidata 
thing use this, or eventually all user (including admin) provided regexes? If 
we also eventually move AbuseFilter & SpamBlacklist to this, I could see 
performance possibly being a concern since these features often involve running 
quite a large number of regexes that block saving a page until they complete 
(That said, I don't have any specific numbers beyond a gut feeling that it is 



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