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  In T57755#4661653 <>, 
@Addshore wrote:
  > So, this ticket was created specifically for allowing entering time values 
with second precision on and it should probably (i guess) remain 
just for that.
  > Having second precision time values on commons does not mean wikidata has 
to have them.
  > As said in T57755#4639411 
<> the underlying value object 
being used already supports second precisions.
  > Just wikidata has them turned off.
  > If commons uses the same validators as we use on then second 
precisions will not work.
  > If other validators are used then commons can have second precision values.
  How about just implementing this just for Commons, without timezones and 
default it to the local time? That is also current practice on Commons, see for 
where the time is "3 July 2017, 13:28:12". If someone is really interested in 
the timezone, they can derive it from the coordinates.
  Should we fork the Commons part into another task and keep this one for 



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