Sarai-WMDE added a comment.

  Agreed, with the UI looking good and with the needed copy fix. I can't 
reproduce the message padding issues, though. Could it be related to font size 
or family?
  I detected some further adjustments needed to follow the original specs. 
Please let me know if there's anything mentioned that's actually not feasible:
  | Change                                                                      
   | Current                                                                    
                                             | Specified                        
  | 1. Fix vertical padding around and between the run and cancel buttons       
   | F42748831: Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 12.04.07.png 
    | All noted spacing should be 0.5rem. (Maybe we could use our custom 
spacing variables?)                                         |
  | 2. The default size of large Codex buttons shouldn't be overridden          
   | F42748910: Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 12.08.34.png 
    | The buttons should display a size of 44x44px                              
  | 3. Aria-labels are not accessible                                           
   | When the Run and Cancel buttons are focuses, VoiceOver reads the literal 
aria-labels content ("wdqs-app-button-run-aria-label" and 
"wdqs-app-button-cancel-aria-label") instead of the intended message | The 
correct message should be provided via these aria labels to users of assistive 
technology                                  |
  | 4. Fix copy of Cancel button's `title`                                      
   | `title="Stop query (CTRL + ESC)"`                                          
                                             | The action should be "cancel" 
instead of "stop". The message would read:  "Cancel query (CTRL+ESC)"           
  | 5. Make it possible to cancel queries using the "CTRL + ESC" keyboard 
shortcut | While a query is being executed, pressing the key combination "CTRL 
+ ESC" has no effect                                                            
                                                    | Pressing "CTRL + ESC" 
should have the same effect as pressing the Cancel button:  the query should 
stop from running in the UI |
  The last point (5) wasn't actually made explicit in this ticket, so it'd be 
understandable if the team preferred to create a subtask to implement that.



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