HasanAkgun_WMDE added a comment.

  @Arian_Bozorg I've fixed the sentence, but when I checked the vertical 
alignment I saw it's the same with "Running query" message as well. I couldn't 
find a proper solution for it, so if it's OK for you I think we can handle that 
one in a separate task. Please let me know.
  @Sarai-WMDE I've fixed all of your findings, in addition to them I've added 
help text for the cancel query shortcut to the keyboard shortcuts info modal. 
It'd be awesome if you check the attached screenshot and let me know if it 
  If I have a "go" sign from both of you, I will merge the code after the 
reviews so you can test everything on the production site like the last time.
  F42850581: Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 15.31.03.png 



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