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  Attempting a run with a **queue capacity of 8000** and buffer of 100000**0** 
and heap size of 16g on the gaming-class desktop to mimic the MacBook Pro, 
things were slower than a queue capacity of 4000 and buffer of 1000000 and heap 
size of 31g on the gaming-class desktop 
    ubuntu22:~/rdf/dist/target/service-0.3.138-SNAPSHOT$ time ./loadData.sh -n 
wdq -d /mnt/firehose/munge_on_later_data_set -s 1 -e 150
    real    280m46.264s
  A run is in progress to verify if there's anything noticeable when the heap 
size is set to 31g but the queue capacity is at 8000 and the buffer is at 
100000**0** when processing the first 150 files on the gaming-class desktop.



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