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That property has only been used about 4000 times, I didn't expect that to translate into ridiculous amounts of data. I don't want or need ten million entries, this isn't even the query I actually wanted results from.

What I was trying to do was get statements with no references for a couple of thousand items. It sounded like it would be pretty straightforward, select some items, select their statements, filter out any with a reference... but apparently not, since my queries kept timing out. I simplified the query and simplified it some more, tried different properties, etc, trying to work out what was causing it to time out. Then suddenly I got to this query and it just said "Unknown error". Up until that point, the queries (excluding the more complicated ones which were timing out) had been returning results within a few seconds and my browser had been having no problems displaying the results so it didn't seem problematic.

I don't see any indication of how large (in kB/MB) a particular response is. If you want people to avoid queries which return a large amount of data, it would help to actually show how big the response is and whether it's considered excessive. If someone does accidentally produce a query which returns too much data, it would better (and more effective) to show an error message saying it produced too much data rather than "Unknown error".

As for what I was originally trying to do, this isn't my original query, but it's a simple demonstration of the problem I was having:
This query returns results in a few seconds but returns lots of stuff I don't want. This query returns results in a fraction of a second. Put them together like this and it times out. As I wrote in T116298 about a completely different query which behaves in the same way, this makes no sense to me.

(WikidataFacts did manage to come up with a version of that query which works - here - but why that works while the original times out is a mystery to me)



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