Thanks Denny, I largely see your points. The distinction between
convenience = webservice to redirect to canonical URL and canonical
URL could perhaps be made clearer in the note. I read it as parallel
URIs rather than as a redirecting service. To me the word
"convenience" has a different implication, but this may be entirely my
fault, I am not a native speaker either. I also agree on the choice of
language prefixes, confusing as it may be, I should have know. The
data plus wikidata is still confusing, but I guess you cannot avoid
that one?

About the Q in front of identifiers: At the moment I see the item
numbers being used in rdf:resource/about, but I understand that you
may need them as element names? My understanding was that properties
will be prefixed by Property: anyways.

In any event: I find the argument that a rare letter like Q is good
branding not very convincing. I would suggest then a more memnonic
choice, like WD2348972 or W2348972 instead. I believe the Q as prefix
used in all canonical inbound links will be puzzling many people and
end the explanation having to end up in the FAQ.

thanks again!


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