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>> I'd love to know how you think that will happen, in a timely manner,
>> for the kinds of people who use AfC,
> Where do you see the biggest obstacles right now in the process? Maybe
> we can identify those and then see if we can find solutions for them?
> I'm not saying what you're seeing isn't a problem we need to fix. I
> just think we need to solve it in a better way. Let's find it.

The long answer to your question is for you to spend some time looking
through, reviewing, and where appropriate publishing, the articles
(especially biographies) submitted at AfC (on en.WP, though de.WP and
others presumably have an equivalent?). The short asnwer is that we're
talking about people who are using Wikipedia for the first time, and
struggling, often requiring several iterations, to understand
templates, referencing and other things which you and I take for

>> Meanwhile, articles are being created, daily, via AfC with no Wikidata
>> equivalent, or where someone has to create the equivalent manually,
>> cutting-and-pasting or retyping text, rather than having tools do the
>> work for them. That's crazy.
> Sure. That is clearly not a great situation and we should see if we
> can improve it. What I'm saying is that we should not improve it by
> making people enter even more information in Wikipedia and then copy
> it over to Wikipedia

[ITYM "copy it over to Wikidata"]

I'm not sugegsting that we "make people enter even more information in
Wikipedia"; I'm suggesting that wikidata would benefit from capturing
the data that is /already/ being entered into Wikipedia, not least via
AfC, by the people I describe above; and that I and others who review
and publish those articles would benefit from tool to save us the
manual task of having to retype (into Wikidata) what we're already
asked to type once (into the AfC tool) as part of that process.

> Let's identify the
> specific issues and see if we can find other solutions for them.

I'm pretty sure I already identified the specific issue here.

Andy Mabbett

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