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> If you have something like "between 1846 and 1855", you can use the
> "before" and
> "after" fields of the time value:
>   time: "+00000001850-00-00T00:00:00Z",
>   precision: 9,
>   before: 4,
>   after: 5
> This means the "main" value is 1850, given as a year, with a lower bound
> four
> years before and an upper bound 5 years after the "main" value (before and
> after
> are given in the unit specified by the precision value). The "main" value
> is
> what is going to be displayed per default; it will also be used for sorting
> query results (once we have queries).
Is it possible to have just an lower bond, leaving the upper one open? I am
thinking of uses like

For things like "circa" I don't see any clear solution other than
"inventing" some ranges...

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