The integration of lexical content is not planned for some time yet. This
is very much an issue that is lexical / lexicographic in nature.

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> Hi,
> I am at a the Multilingual Web Workshop in Madrid. I had a discussion here
> with a person who specializes in multilingual terminology translation about
> how Wikipedia and its sister sites can be more useful and reliable for
> people who search for translations of terms from different professional
> fields - medicine, communications, law, etc.
> For example, if you go to the Wikipedia article [[Aorta]], how can you
> know that this term is actually recognized as the English term by any
> professional medical associations? And if you go to
> https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q101004 , how can you know the same things
> about each of the translations of this term? For example, how do you know
> that "Srdcovnica" is recognized as a Slovak term by any medical association
> or linguistic committee?
> By itself, the interlanguage link to Slovak is not reliable. A translator
> to Slovak can, of course, go to a website of a relevant linguistic
> committee and check the term there. But can it be more direct and
> machine-readable?
> A property could probably be created, which would hold an id of a term in
> such a terminology database, but would it be appropriate to include it in
> an item page, given that such information is language-specific? It seems
> reasonable to me, but I wanted to make sure that everybody find it
> acceptable.
> And if there are such properties already, I'd love an example :)
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