For things that actually *are* free text, and not terribly long, a monolongual
(or, in the future, multilingual) text property could be used. "quote" already
exists, "abstract" could be added, pending community discussion. Length
limitations can be adjusted if need be.

What I was warning against is continuing the misuse of text fields for
semi-structured or even fully structured data that I have often seen in GLAM
meta-data. That kind of thing should not be copied to Wikidata.

Am 04.04.2015 um 14:41 schrieb Valentine Charles:
> Hello, 
> Coming back on my previous email, I do indeed understand that Wikidata wants
> structured data as much as possible. But you might have free-text information
> that might not fit in a given property or even have meaning only as a free 
> -text
> description (abstract, quotes..).GLAM's are for instance very keen on using
> DBpedia because of some long free-text descriptions that are more readable and
> friendly than "dry" metadata for users applications. I guess GLAMs will 
> continue
> to use DBpedia for this purpose if Wikidata doesn't offer it. 

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