Il 08/04/2015 23:43, Markus Krötzsch ha scritto:
> On 08.04.2015 17:24, Nicola Vitucci wrote:
>> Il 08/04/2015 16:36, Markus Krötzsch ha scritto:
>>> On 08.04.2015 15:07, Nicola Vitucci wrote:
>>>> Hi Markus,
>>>> would you recommend to add some sort of "patch" until the new dumps are
>>>> out, either in the data (by adding some triples to a temporary
>>>> graph) or
>>>> just in the Web interface for the external links?
>>> If you need it ASAP, you could actually just implement it in our Java
>>> code and make a pull request. It should not be too much effort. You can
>>> use the issue to ask about details if you are not sure what to do.
>>> Otherwise the ETA would be end of April/beginning of May (several other
>>> RDF extensions are currently being worked on and will happen first,
>>> e.g., ranks in RDF).
>> I don't need it right now, so given the short ETA I'd wait. Anyway, in
>> order to let people use external links more easily, I could just
>> "manually" drop the last letter (or apply any other rule) only in the
>> href links for now, while leaving the URIs intact. Do you see any harm
>> in this?
> Ah, you mean for dispayling links in HTML? No, there is no harm in this
> at all. Most likely, the final life exports will also redirect to the
> property entity exports (which would make most sense for LOD crawlers).

Indeed. I made this temporary change on WikiSPARQL, so that links like
in Jean-Baptiste's examples may work "properly". If you try this:

and then click on the external link on any property, now you should be
redirected to the "right" wiki page.


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