I started bot of auto-transliterating names of humans, initially with
Persian and English (as a pair) since I know both and I can debug. After
some modifications, In the last check, In more than several hundreds of
edits I checked, I couldn't find any errors, I want to expand this bot for
other languages but before, I need opinions of people who know rules of
transliterating names in these languages, I tried to realize rules and this
is my result but I need someone familiar to confirm
*Chinese: Instead of space it uses "·" character (it's not dot) but order
is the same. e.g Alan Turing is: "艾伦·图灵"
which "艾伦" means Alan and "图灵" means Turing
*Japanese: it's the same but different separator: "・", e.g. "アラン・チューリング"
*Russian: The separator is space character but order is like "FamilyName,
GivenName" e.g. "Тьюринг, Алан"
"Turing, Alan". Handling names with more than two words would be pretty
complicated (I skip them)
*I checked Hebrew and Greek and both are simple languages like Persian,
same order, space as separator.

If you can help me, it would make a great difference in number of labels in
your language. Things you can help are:
1- Confirm or correct rules of these languages and add other rules if
2- Suggest more languages. I thought about Sanskrit, Hindi, and Telugu but
I don't know anyone who can check the rules, if you do, please help me.
3- For any language I will do an initial run just to test, if you can check
edits of the bot (which is pretty easy, e.g. see this
it would be awesome.

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