Could you not add the last active date as a qualifier to the somevalue
death date?

In general uncertainty in dates are not so easily entered. Born 1969 or
1970 cannot be entered as 1969 with uncertainty decade since that becomes
1960s (at least that is what is shown to readers) so the only legit way of
entering it is 20th century (bringing the uncertainty from 2 to 100 years).

In general being able to model dates as between X and Y (as for numbers)
would be nice.

Um.. sorry for the sidetrack from somevalue which sidetracked from the
novalue discussion.


André Costa
Wikimedia Sverige
On 26 Apr 2015 10:23, "Thomas Douillard" <> wrote:

> For the unknown date case, I also used some imprecise dates in the past,
> if you set  date withe a precision of the century around the last time it
> wa known active for example, you get something semantically correct and
> that is probably esaier to handle in queries (athough the way to handle
> imprecise or overlapping dates interval in date comparison for the query
> engine is probably not known yet :) I'm curious to know)
> 2015-04-26 9:29 GMT+02:00 Stas Malyshev <>:
>> Hi!
>> > It would make sense to have a bot run and add dates of novalue for dob
>> > dod where we know that people must be dead.
>> That would actually be opposite of what we want, since novalue would
>> mean they were not born and are not dead. I think you meant "unknown"
>> for date of death, in which case it does make sense.
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