Hi Lydia,

The Dutch community (on the Dutch Wikipedia) had a voting in which was
decided to get rid of all the interwikis on articles, categories,
templates, project pages and help pages. The moving or removal of all
interwikis has been completed a few days ago, with what we have tried to
fix all the interwiki conflicts we found. We also have an active abuse
filter that prevents users to add local interwikis to these pages.
Instead we actively communicate in person to every user that creates a new
article which has not been added to Wikidata. We aim for that every article
is added to Wikidata with a label in Dutch and at least the property *instance
of*. And for many subjects multiple statements.

With actively communicating to users that they should add their new article
to Wikidata, the most heard reaction is that they did not know that it is
good to have it added to Wikidata. The second most heard issue we hear is
that they find it difficult to add articles to Wikidata (including adding

For those users who were in the past used to add interwikis are now
actively adding their articles to existing Wikidata items. This special
page we use to found out which articles have been forgotten to add to
(existing) items on Wikidata. I have a templated message that notes those
users if they forgot to add their article to an existing item and reminds
them that such is needed.
For users who are writing articles about typical Dutch subjects which are
not expected to have an article in another language Wikipedia, it is new
and I have a templated message that informs them why it is needed to create
an item on Wikidata, tells them how to, and asks them to add some
statements. We use the special page UnconnectedPages to see which articles
have not been added yet to Wikidata.

Another group of pages we try to find with this special page are the ones
that have been removed from an item without being added to an item.

The special pages makes it possible for me to just select with my mouse the
list and then compare it in Autowikibrowser (still a pity we can't use AWB
for items on Wikidata) to have see which of the unconnected pages is in
which category, or which template, so we can groupewise add them to

So to conclude, this special page is essential for our work to get all the
Wikipedia articles to Wikidata.
The adding, by the way, we like to to do by hand so that we can at least
add some basic statements depending on the subject. Sometimes it is
possible to use a tool to create items and add statements to a group of
articles, but most of them are done by hand. (If it is done by bot/tool we
get like 1000 items with only p17=q55, and that is as bad as nothing.) To
do it by hand we make sure the most basic properties are added.

The biggest issue we face with using is that the page is not real time
updated, and that pages that already are added to Wikidata are still in the
list. We then have to do a nulledit on the article to get them removed from
the list. Another delay are the articles that were removed from an item do
not show up directly. (Was it removed correctly from that item or was it an
error or vandalism? It requires a lot of searching to find that out, if it
is found.)

Another subject we have, but we can work around it by just ignoring them,
are those articles that are newly created and nominated for deletion as non
encyclopaedic or too worse written to be kept. They are nominated for
deletion. The procedure for this kind of articles is that they have a
template on them which says they are nominated, and after 2 weeks an admin
looks at them and judges if they should be kept, deleted or the nomination
period is extended to give extra time to the writers/users to fix the
issues. During this period of two weeks the article is on the special page
of unconnected pages, of which a part is expected to be deleted. During
these two weeks the articles nominated for deletion are making the special
page a bit clumsy. (Maybe it is an idea to have magic word added to the
deletion templates so that the articles that are nominated for deletion and
not connected on Wikidata, show up at the bottom of the articles. I think
those articles nominated for deletion should be on the special page,
because I can imagine users would accidental add such magic word to the
article and a magic word that would prevent being shown on the list is
risky for abuse/mistakes. However, as most users start at the top of the
special page, the pages nominated for deletion clutter on top of the
special page as they are ignored.)

In the current special page besides articles (ns:0)  also other namespaces
are shown: Wikipedia, Templates, help pages, categories, portal pages,
The problem with many pages in those sections are subpages. Examples:
archive pages of discussion pages, /doc pages of templates, archive pages
of our helpdesk, and subpages of portals are not needed to be added to
With categories have another issue: categories of an individual user, those
should like user pages not be added to Wikidata.

I would recommend to have users see by default only articles (ns:0), but
with a menu on top of this special page in what users can select the
namespace they want to see, or the option all namespaces. (Like the recent
changes have such option.)

I hope this gives some insight in how we use this special page. I am
interested in what kind of changes you have in mind, and I hope we can
still use the special page as we now do. Certainly as we do not have an
real time alternative for it.

If there are any questions, just let me know.


2015-04-29 17:36 GMT+02:00 Lydia Pintscher <lydia.pintsc...@wikimedia.de>:

> Hey folks :)
> We've been looking into performance issues of the special page
> Special:UnconnectedPages (like
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:UnconnectedPages for example).
> There are a few improvements we can make to make it work better.
> However to evaluate if we can make those changes or not I need to know
> what you are currently using this page for exactly.
> So if you're using it it'd be great if you could tell me how you're
> using it currently to achieve what exactly.
> Cheers
> Lydia
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