Hoi Romaine,
Great news :)

I would personally love it when the Dutch Wikipedians look after their
dead. It does not get my eye and I think it is important to know at least
about the recently dearly departed.

On 30 April 2015 at 01:07, Romaine Wiki <romaine.w...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Lydia,
> The Dutch community (on the Dutch Wikipedia) had a voting in which was
> decided to get rid of all the interwikis on articles, categories,
> templates, project pages and help pages. The moving or removal of all
> interwikis has been completed a few days ago, with what we have tried to
> fix all the interwiki conflicts we found. We also have an active abuse
> filter that prevents users to add local interwikis to these pages.
> Instead we actively communicate in person to every user that creates a new
> article which has not been added to Wikidata. We aim for that every article
> is added to Wikidata with a label in Dutch and at least the property *instance
> of*. And for many subjects multiple statements.
> With actively communicating to users that they should add their new
> article to Wikidata, the most heard reaction is that they did not know that
> it is good to have it added to Wikidata. The second most heard issue we
> hear is that they find it difficult to add articles to Wikidata (including
> adding statements).
> For those users who were in the past used to add interwikis are now
> actively adding their articles to existing Wikidata items. This special
> page we use to found out which articles have been forgotten to add to
> (existing) items on Wikidata. I have a templated message that notes those
> users if they forgot to add their article to an existing item and reminds
> them that such is needed.
> For users who are writing articles about typical Dutch subjects which are
> not expected to have an article in another language Wikipedia, it is new
> and I have a templated message that informs them why it is needed to create
> an item on Wikidata, tells them how to, and asks them to add some
> statements. We use the special page UnconnectedPages to see which articles
> have not been added yet to Wikidata.
> Another group of pages we try to find with this special page are the ones
> that have been removed from an item without being added to an item.
> The special pages makes it possible for me to just select with my mouse
> the list and then compare it in Autowikibrowser (still a pity we can't use
> AWB for items on Wikidata) to have see which of the unconnected pages is in
> which category, or which template, so we can groupewise add them to
> Wikidata.
> So to conclude, this special page is essential for our work to get all the
> Wikipedia articles to Wikidata.
> The adding, by the way, we like to to do by hand so that we can at least
> add some basic statements depending on the subject. Sometimes it is
> possible to use a tool to create items and add statements to a group of
> articles, but most of them are done by hand. (If it is done by bot/tool we
> get like 1000 items with only p17=q55, and that is as bad as nothing.) To
> do it by hand we make sure the most basic properties are added.
> The biggest issue we face with using is that the page is not real time
> updated, and that pages that already are added to Wikidata are still in the
> list. We then have to do a nulledit on the article to get them removed from
> the list. Another delay are the articles that were removed from an item do
> not show up directly. (Was it removed correctly from that item or was it an
> error or vandalism? It requires a lot of searching to find that out, if it
> is found.)
> Another subject we have, but we can work around it by just ignoring them,
> are those articles that are newly created and nominated for deletion as non
> encyclopaedic or too worse written to be kept. They are nominated for
> deletion. The procedure for this kind of articles is that they have a
> template on them which says they are nominated, and after 2 weeks an admin
> looks at them and judges if they should be kept, deleted or the nomination
> period is extended to give extra time to the writers/users to fix the
> issues. During this period of two weeks the article is on the special page
> of unconnected pages, of which a part is expected to be deleted. During
> these two weeks the articles nominated for deletion are making the special
> page a bit clumsy. (Maybe it is an idea to have magic word added to the
> deletion templates so that the articles that are nominated for deletion and
> not connected on Wikidata, show up at the bottom of the articles. I think
> those articles nominated for deletion should be on the special page,
> because I can imagine users would accidental add such magic word to the
> article and a magic word that would prevent being shown on the list is
> risky for abuse/mistakes. However, as most users start at the top of the
> special page, the pages nominated for deletion clutter on top of the
> special page as they are ignored.)
> In the current special page besides articles (ns:0)  also other namespaces
> are shown: Wikipedia, Templates, help pages, categories, portal pages,
> modules.
> The problem with many pages in those sections are subpages. Examples:
> archive pages of discussion pages, /doc pages of templates, archive pages
> of our helpdesk, and subpages of portals are not needed to be added to
> Wikidata.
> With categories have another issue: categories of an individual user,
> those should like user pages not be added to Wikidata.
> I would recommend to have users see by default only articles (ns:0), but
> with a menu on top of this special page in what users can select the
> namespace they want to see, or the option all namespaces. (Like the recent
> changes have such option.)
> I hope this gives some insight in how we use this special page. I am
> interested in what kind of changes you have in mind, and I hope we can
> still use the special page as we now do. Certainly as we do not have an
> real time alternative for it.
> If there are any questions, just let me know.
> Greetings,
> Romaine
> 2015-04-29 17:36 GMT+02:00 Lydia Pintscher <lydia.pintsc...@wikimedia.de>:
>> Hey folks :)
>> We've been looking into performance issues of the special page
>> Special:UnconnectedPages (like
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:UnconnectedPages for example).
>> There are a few improvements we can make to make it work better.
>> However to evaluate if we can make those changes or not I need to know
>> what you are currently using this page for exactly.
>> So if you're using it it'd be great if you could tell me how you're
>> using it currently to achieve what exactly.
>> Cheers
>> Lydia
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