Either the list should just be a an entry point for a list structure or
table that is completely created outside the editors realm, or it should be
possible to merge any user edit with content from the bot. There should be
no in-between where the user needs additional knowledge about how to edit
the bot-produced content or even that (s)he can't edit the bot-produced
content. From the user (editors) point of view there should be no special
precautions to how some pages should be edited.

At the moment there are two pages in the main space at nowiki using
listeria bot; Bluepoint Games [1] and Thatgamecompany [2]. It is a (weak?)
consensus on not using the bot, so if a discussion is started they will
probably be removed. The main argument why it should not be used is because
it overwrites edits made by other users.

[1] https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluepoint_Games
[2] https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thatgamecompany
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