Right now we have SPARQL query examples page in
and it gathered a large amount of excellent contributions (for which I'd
like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who helped!)

However, MediaWiki site is really not the best wiki for this page - it
should properly be on Wikidata IMO. And we have a copy of it on
https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:SPARQL_examples - except that is
is not up-to-date, is still not used by WDQS GUI and many people don't
actually know it exists.

So, I'd like to propose a migration plan:

0. Put a message on MediaWiki page warning of migration and directing
people to use Wikidata one. Maybe even protect the page for a short
time? This of course will be done only after we decide to perform the

1. Sync Wikidata page to MediaWiki one (that'll require some work due to
template differences, etc. but I can do it in a couple of hours).

2. Switch WDQS GUI to use the Wikidata page.

3. Replace MediaWiki page with redirect to wikidata one with appropriate

I can do all of it (except maybe for protecting part, I'd need to ask
some admins I guess), but I wanted to make a public announcement /
request for feedback before doing anything big. So please comment if you
see any problem with the proposed plan or any objections. If no
objections are raised, I currently plan to do it sometime about Wed-Thu
this week.

Stas Malyshev

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