GLAMpipe metadata manipulation & upload tool is an extensible, open source
web-application for cultural metadata. It is aimed for data-savvy
wikimedians and data partners. It gives the user the power of bots without
the need to code.

Nodes are the building blocks of the data flow. A node can act as a data
source, it can split, combine, create wikitext or process data in other
ways, and a node can export data to files or web services like Wikimedia
Commons or Wikidata. Nodes can be created, altered and shared by the users,
making it possible to build upon work by others.

We are applying for a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation to create an
online, collaborative version and the nodes for preparing and importing
data to Wikidata. Read more about the project, and endorse it at

Best regards,
Ari, Kimmo and Susanna
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