Hi there!

My name is Ian Seyer - I am the project lead for a proposed Project Grant
called Arc.heolo.gy.

Arc.heolo.gy is a wikipedia dump to XML to graphDB (Neo4j at the moment)
engine. In its current form, it builds a database wherein all href links
are parsed as Relationships. This allows for pathfinding between articles,
and finding clusters of knowledge around a particular topic or article.

The goal of the grant is to expand the possibilities of this tool -
symantic parsing and relevance weighting using aspects of NLP,
auto-updating when new dumps are available, and a generic 2d and VR-capable
3d visualization for networks such as this.

I have longtime been a fan of the Wikidata project (originally a Freebase
user), and want the feedback of the community to gauge what features you
would like to see, which would allow for maximum interoperability. I
believe there is a huge overlap of functionality there that could be very
advantageous to explore.

You can read more about the grant here:

ps If you are interested in any aspect of this project, we are looking for
volunteers to expand our team.
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