Nice! This looks similar to

What are differences? I guess various choices have to be made to map the
Wikibase datamodel to GraphQL, so there is room for many variations on
the same theme :)


On 02/03/2018 18:01, Thomas Pellissier Tanon wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have hacked a prototype of GraphQL endpoint on top of the Wikidata API.
> GraphQL is is a simple query language design for complex data retrieval (e.g. 
> "give me the item QXXXX and retrieve all the P20 statements with, for their 
> main snak value, the label in english and the sitelink to the French 
> Wikipedia"). Compared to SPARQL it aims less at finding pieces of data 
> matching different criteria than at retrieving complex representation of 
> known elements. Its official website with tutorials is here: 
> It is deployed on Toolsforge. The query editor is here: 
> and the endpoint here: 
> A first example: A query that returns for the item about "Jean-Fran├žois 
> Champollion" (Q260) its label in English, its description in French, its 
> aliases in French, its sitelink to ruwiki with the English label of its 
> badges, and for its death place (P20) statement the main snak value id and 
> English label and some data about references and qualifiers.
> This query could be executed using the demo instance using this link: 
> (click on the ">" at the top of the UI to 
> execute the query).
> More details and examples are available here: 
> (with a query that calls SPARQL 
> from GraphQL!).
> The implementation is currently slow but provides most of the basic features 
> required to retrieve Wikidata content. I do not have any proper demo yet of 
> Wikidata editing using GraphQL mutations.
> Feedbacks are more than welcome on the Phabricator tickets: 
> Cheers,
> Thomas
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