Dear all,

I asked myself a series of questions about the links between Wikidata and
other knowledge/data bases, namely those of OCLC and DBpedia. For example:

- Why Wikidata has no property "Worldcat Identities
<>" while the English edition of Wikipedia
systematically mentions this identity (when it exists) in its section
"Autorithy control"  ?

- Why do VIAF links to all editions of Wikipedia, but not (simply) to
Wikidata ?

- Why is there no link to DBpedia when the opposite is true ?

These questions may seem very different from each other, but they
ultimately concern a common subject and are all very basic. I suspect they
had to be discussed somewhere, maybe at the dawn of Wikidata. However, I
find nothing in the archives of this Newsletter, nor in the discussions on

Could someone point me to some documentation on these issues ?


Ettore Rizza
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