Hi Donna,

Thanks for your kind comments! :) This course is affording me a great 
opportunity to learn the digital skills required for training K-12 public 
school teachers in Brazil to use and create OER, which is going to be my 
doctoral dissertation (a Design-based research). I just recently concluded 
my 2nd year of doctoral studies at Athabasca University and my area of 
study is distance education. About the padlet tool, it's extremely easy to 
use, intuitive and free. However, you have to register for it.  The only 
downside to the padlet tool is that I wasn't able to include a link or an 
image of it in Wikieducator. I used my WordPress blog to do this. Padlet 
allows you to share the storyboard as an image and then you can incorporate 
it in your blog. This doesn't work for Wikieducator. Apparently there are 
open content issues with the padlet tool. 

Em quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2015 01:24:36 UTC-3, donnadebien escreveu:
> Hi Viviane,
> Here is one set of open online courses for faculty development in online 
> teaching created by @colinmadland who is also registered in this course 
> http://courses.olblogs.tru.ca/facdev/register/ 
>   <http://courses.olblogs.tru.ca/facdev/register/>By the way, I looked at 
> your storyboard & other course docs today. Very well organized!  The padlet 
> tool has a very nice 'look & feel' - can you tell me anything about its 
> upside and downside? 
> On Tuesday, 21 April 2015 06:20:52 UTC-7, Viviane Vladimirschi wrote:
>> Gary, I too agree with your points and I find there is little amount of 
>> creativity one can add to this ant colony. The technical skills are a 
>> little easier to master but the designer concepts are way harder. I wonder 
>> if someone is trying to train teachers these skills, how one would go about 
>> doing so. Any suggestions? #ds4oer 
>> Em domingo, 19 de abril de 2015 05:10:21 UTC-3, Gary Asselbergs escreveu:
>>> #ds4oer Open design
>>> Strength:  1. many hands makes light work, 2.collaboration stimulates 
>>> thinking out of the box and reduces myopic thinking.
>>> Weakness: 1. Open design is like being in an ant colony, finding order 
>>> in the huge amounts of information being generated, filtering this 
>>> information is not the only problem. 2. there are also a huge amount of 
>>> technical skills and designer concepts which need to be mastered.  #ds4oer

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