Hey Yongmin,

Here what I did.

I found this image 
 in an another website in here 
 so I asked the user in that website to confirm that he is the actual uploader 
in commons as well (see the comment sec. of that external image). When he 
confirmed that he was the uploader, I took a screenshot of it and archived the 
proof in OTRS along with the necessary info and links. Then marked the Commons 
image with OTRS permission.


Nahid Sultan

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Subject: [Wiki Loves Monuments] Files uploaded elsewhere, and then on WLM?

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you're subscribed to both lists, I'm sorry for double spam.)


While checking WLM submissions from KR, EA Gu (CC'ed) has found some 
submissions were first uploaded to external sites (ie. Flickr) and then 
submitted to WLM.

Since this is the first WLM in KR, we don't have a case to use as a precedent, 
so any advice or opinion is welcome here.


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