Hi everyone,

We have a robust experimental program set up to include remote participants
who want to follow Wikimania this year — and to ensure that all program
material is archived in a singular location for future use. Please feel
free to forward this email widely – or post the content anywhere you'd
like. There is also a plain-text version
suitable for viewers and readers, that you are welcome to copy and use.

*Livestreaming and Recording Select Talks*

We are experimenting with livestreaming the keynote sessions this year
simultaneously on YouTube and Facebook Live. Here is the complete schedule
of livestreamed events
<https://wikimania2017.wikimedia.org/wiki/Livestreamed_keynotes> [2]. *Please
feel free to share this on social media, on-wiki, and with any groups you
are a part of* — we want to ensure that people who would like to tune in
know when these are taking place.

In addition, we have the equipment and staffing to record all sessions
taking place in Ballroom West. We do not have the capacity to move
equipment between rooms. You can see all planned recorded sessions
<https://wikimania2017.wikimedia.org/wiki/All_Session_Notes> [3]  — these
will be posted as soon as they are encoded and uploaded to YouTube.

We will measure the success of this program and see if we can expand for
future events.

*Notetaking for every session *

Because we cannot record all sessions, we are asking for your help to
ensure that all sessions are documented for remote attendees and for future

If you are leading a session at Wikimania this year, we are asking that you
request that someone in your session take notes. If you are attending a
session, please remind the leader to assign a notetaker (or volunteer to
take notes with others!) This will help remote participants follow talks,
and also ensure that sessions are well-documented.

Below are instructions for notetakers — this information is also available
on the speaker's page
and on the Session Notes page
<https://wikimania2017.wikimedia.org/wiki/All_Session_Notes> [3] , where we
hope to collect all session notes, recordings, and conference

1. Copy the template here
https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/Wikimania2017-template [5] into a new
Etherpad file with the following naming structure:
https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/Wikimania2017-YourSession [6]

(Replace 'Your Session' with the name of the session you are attending or

2. Take notes and fill out the information in the document

3. After the session, add the Etherpad link to the page where we are
collecting notes
<https://wikimania2017.wikimedia.org/wiki/All_Session_Notes>. [3]

4. Speakers, please add any links to slideshows, decks, videos, or links to
this site.

Added bonus: The All Session Notes page
<https://wikimania2017.wikimedia.org/wiki/All_Session_Notes> [3] allows you
to sort sessions at Wikimania by topic and theme. You can search for
'movement strategy' and find all of the sessions that involve movement
strategy, or 'GLAM' and find all of the sessions that are about GLAM in
some way...so it may be a useful tool to help figure out which sessions to

*Social Media: *We will be monitoring the hashtag #wikimania and
#wikimania2017 to scoop things into the @wikimania and @wikimedia accounts
on Twitter. PLEASE feel free to livetweet sessions (with permission) and
use the hashtags!

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We're
looking forward to ensuring that editors and readers — in Montreal and afar
— can come together and participate in Wikimania.



[2] https://wikimania2017.wikimedia.org/wiki/Livestreamed_keynotes

[3] https://wikimania2017.wikimedia.org/wiki/All_Session_Notes


[5] https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/Wikimania2017-template

[6] https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/Wikimania2017-YourSession
(Replace 'Your Session' with the name of the session you are attending or

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Senior Audience Development Manager
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