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2012/4/18 Yaroslav M. Blanter <>

> My message is inspired by discussion in this thread (
> noticeboard#Loss_of_more_and_**more_and_more_established_**
> editors_and_administrators<>)
> on Englush Wikipedia. Whereas the thread itself is not relevant to this
> list, and the points get re-iterated on a regular basis, there were
> statements made there which contain quantitative estimates (for instance
> that 90% established users who leave do it because they get a new job or
> have their external life changed in some other way, and not because of
> harassment etc). Most probably these numbers are not really justified, but
> then I wanted to know what real numbers are. I am an Rcom member, but I can
> not recollect such research being accomplished (I might be wrong of
> course). I could not find data easily either (I spent half an hour because
> I remembered we had a Community Health initiative group which somehow
> evolved into the Movement Roles, but the Movement Roles pages on Meta do
> not talk about community health at all, and I could not even find an
> appropriate page to ask the question).
> After this long introduction, does somebody know / can point out the
> answers to the questions:
> 1. What is the average lifetime of a Wikipedia editor (for instance the
> one with at leat 1000 contributions)? I recollect smth about two years, but
> I am pretty sure I have never seen any research on this. How does it depend
> on the number of contributions?
> 2. What are the main reasons why these editors stop editing? Is this
> correct, for instance, that external reasons are much more important than
> internal (on-wiki troubles and wiki-related harassment) reasons? The same
> for say those above 10000 edits?
> Thanks in advance
> Cheers
> Yaroslav
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