>>>> I think it's perfectly OK with Wikidata, and it would be with
>>>> Wikisource (if we had a metadata management system :-).
>>>> As far as I understood, Wikidata will engage sister projects data in
>>>> 2015 (i'm gonna cry).
>>> This isn't clear yet. It's unlikely to happen before the end of the
>>> initial development in a year. We still have to see what happens after
>>> that. It might happen before 2015 or not.
>> Andrea will run out of tears by 2015. ;-(
> Heh we don't want that to happen obviously.

I'm not crying yet :-)

> .. if people want to
> help and work towards bringing Wikidata also to the sister-projects
> then that would be welcome from our side. And of course they will be
> able to use Wikidata like any other 3rd party as soon as that is
> possible.

Thank you Lydia for your reply,
I would be definetely good to be be in touch with the WikiData team as
sister projects users.

> I have to clarify my previous statement. The team doing the initial
> development will mainly be focusing on getting this up and running for
> the Wikipedias. (We will obviously keep sister-projects and projects
> outside Wikimedia in mind while doing that.)

I know this won't change anything, and I know that I'm very biased,
but let me unburden just this time. :-)

It seems to me that it would be more logical, for a start, to work
on a simpler and well-defined framework for meta/data.

Wikisource just need a way to manage bibliographic metadata:
it could use Dublin Core, as a standard, fetch its data from Commons,
and maybe use OAI-PMH as a protocol. Of course, it needs the technical
infrastructure for "manage" data.
Commons would be the repository for both data and scans, and the data
could be taken from Author and Books template.
It seems to me that this metadata issue, in both Commons and
Wiksource, wouldn't need gazillions hours of work,
but I guess it has always been low priority (not your fault of course,
but still here we are)

I know that working on Wikipedia has a much broader reach,
so it's OK.

I just wanted to say this louder :-)

>> Could we have one sister-projects IRC session in the near future?
> Questions regarding sister-projects and how they can fit into the
> whole Wikidata picture are obviously very welcome at the next office
> hours on Monday (http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikidata/Events). If
> there is more demand for it we can also do office hours specifically
> for that of course.

I'll try to participate and understand better what you are going to do.
Thanks for the info.


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