On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 9:36 AM, Anthony <wikim...@inbox.org> wrote:
> Forwarding this from the CC-licenses list.  The WMF should explore
> what impact, if any, one-way CC-BY-SA to GPL compatibility would have
> on WMF projects.  Is anyone at the WMF talking to CC/FSF about this?

I've been paying attention to the license revision process since it
began, trying to flag any issues I thought were relevant to us--and
now I have just started working at Creative Commons as part of their
legal team. I will definitely be thinking about the impact on WMF
projects and trying to make sure people are aware of anything


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> From: Christopher Allan Webber <cweb...@creativecommons.org>
> Date: Thu, May 31, 2012 at 4:51 PM
> Subject: [cc-community] CC 4.0 and the GNU GPL
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> Hi all... to revive a thread that's been quiet publicly (but not
> privately) for some time:
> Brett Smith <br...@fsf.org> writes:
>>> How receptive generally might be the FSF to working on GPL
>>> compatibility?  (Is the case made for compatibility rationale
>>> compelling enough?)
>> Very receptive.  Some of the toughest questions I deal with in my job
>> pertain to license interactions in cases like you describe, where a
>> piece of software is under the GPL and associated materials under
>> another, often CC BY or CC BY-SA.  Being able to simplify the answers to
>> those questions would be very worthwhile.
> There haven't been any updates on this in a while, but I wanted to
> inform that there is work being done to try and move this forward.
> Creative Commons and the Free Software Foundation (with the assistance
> of the Software Freedom Law Center as counsel) are working together
> and are doing our best to explore this as a serious possibility.
> As license stewards of CC licenses and the GNU GPL respectively, we wanted
> to make clear that both Creative Commons and the Free Software
> Foundation think this is an important issue and worth persuing.  Both
> of our organiztions agree that license interoperability, especially
> amongst copyleft licenses, is an important goal.
> At the moment, the general plan is to try to explore both CC BY and CC
> BY-SA one-way compatibility with the GNU GPL, aiming for direct
> compatibility of terms (think Apache 2.0 and GNU GPL compatibility) with
> CC BY, and compatibility between CC BY-SA and the GNU GPL via optional
> relicensing (think MPL 2.0 and GNU GPL compatibility).  We are still
> exploring possibilities, however.
> Thanks for your interest, we will try to keep this conversation
> updated as we move along.
>  - Chris
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