I'm a little confounded as to why you're still looking to Glassdoor as your 
primary source of information on employee satisfaction after Gayle indicated
that she has much more comprehensive data on this subject from the employee

Also, I will stand up and say that I, for one, am not a fan of WMF trying to 
match market pay in the SF area. I am interested WMF in retaining qualified
and motivated employees, and I am interested in employee job satisfaction 
which includes pay as only one of many factors. If pay was a widespread 
problem then I'm sure Gayle and Eric would be seeing that. I expect that,
as with many nonprofits, the mission of the nonprofit and the satisfaction
of working on the mission with like-minded people will compensate for the 
lower monetary compensation.

It seems to me that your concerns about HR issues have been generally well 
addressed by Eric and Gayle. Gayle has also agreed to do an IRC office hour, 
which would be a good opportunity for you to ask more questions if you're 
still not clear on the applicability of Glassdoor vs. the applicability of 
the employee survey data.

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