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On 4 January 2013 18:17, Quim Gil <q...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
And then again we would be comparing the salary I had in such company
after 5 years of (hopefully good) work, not the one I had at the beginning.

It would be very unusual for an employer to disregard previous
experience when setting a salary just because that experience wasn't
with them...

Whatever the theoretical arguments are, the moment for any potential employee comes when you receive an offer from the WMF. I accept it and signed because I thought it was competitive and a great next step in my career.

If someone leaves the WMF some months after the core reason can't be the salary alone, since that was exactly the most clear and precise data such employee had when joining. imho the discussion about salaries and benefits are more relevant in the context of hiring and its difficulties, rather than employee retention.

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