> Campaign "unfuckingknown", with the medium being "spontaneous".

The amusing entries are either people fuzzing us; or us testing. There's
very little validation of the campaign tracking fields. What comes into the
system goes out of the system. We probably should clean the data up a
little better though. :)

I see that there is a special campaign reference in the donation link but
> how can it fetch the amount?

As stated previously in this thread, the data comes from Samarium;
Fundraising's new data proxy. We're slowly going to be adding more and more
data to this box as we figure out how to sanitize and redact the data we
have. This should help the chapters because part of the data we're going to
be releasing as soon as we figure out how to do it will be the banner and
landing page impression counts.

~Matt Walker
Wikimedia Foundation
Fundraising Technology Team
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