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> > As I previously point out in my first question: can it be geo-targeting?
> With CentralNotice, yes you can make it target Taiwan users only.
But to blackout Wikipedia would gain better media reactions, and people will 
know what the internet would like if the SOPA bill is been passed in Taiwan. 
Also, last year the SOPA issue was in USA, why we can blackout the whole en.wp 
and you think this time we don't have to blackout zh.wp just because it's only 
in Taiwan?

For the record, I just read the news that Taipei City Information Office 
decided to put the block to its own free public WiFi service in a month from 
now, long before the TIPO amend the Copyright Act of Taiwan. The Taipei Free 
WiFi service has 200M+ users and has 300M+ visitors each month.

News - Taipei City Government would follow TIPO to block websites within a 
Month (in Chinese):


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