* Tomasz W. Kozlowski wrote:
>it came to my attention very recently that a link to a YouTube video has 
>been included in our fundraising banners[1] last year, enabling people 
>by default to watch a video about Wikipedia loaded through a YouTube 
><iframe /> element.

>I am told that there are technical limitations behind the decision to 
>prefer YouTube over Commons, but I'm not really convinced about that; I 
>generally think that we should not include links to websites that can 
>track our users in our banners, and YouTube (as well as websites that 
>use Google Analytics for statistical purposes) definitely falls under 
>that definition.

There is a huge difference between a <a> link and an <iframe> to a third
party site. The third party would receive information in the <a> case
only if someone clicks the link to go to the third party site, while the
<iframe> would usually cause information to be sent without action.
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