Indeed. I see a user's awesome edit, via a diff. I hit "thank". I hit

I see a user's awesome edit, via a diff. I hit the "talk" link, I hit the
"new section" button, I fill in my message, I save my message.

Ultimately, though, this compares apples to oranges; nobody is
"technologizing" this kind of user interaction because nobody is removing
the ability to leave thankful talk page messages - indeed, I think they
still serve a very useful purpose. I tend to thank people when they've made
an edit I appreciate; I head over to their talkpage and give barnstars when
this is indicative of wider good work on their part, or it's a /really/
great edit. All we've done is added some granularity to the system,
reducing the barrier for small amounts of thanks.

On 13 January 2014 14:24, Steven Walling <> wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 12:37 PM, Risker <> wrote:
> > I'm not entirely certain it's a good idea to "technologize" such very
> basic
> > user interactions.  It takes as much work to "thank" someone using
> > notifications as it does to leave them a talk page message.
> >
> That's empirically not true.
> If I am on a page history or list of user contributions, it's takes just
> two clicks and you don't leave the page. To leave someone a Talk page
> message takes several new page loads and steps.
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