On 01/13/2014 12:19 AM, Tim Starling wrote:
On 13/01/14 15:35, Marc A. Pelletier wrote:
What you're discussing is an unnamed user account that's implicitly
created and lasts as long as the cookie does.  Those are going to pile
up *really* fast, especially from browsers that do not keep cookies for
any reason.

Not as fast as revisions, and we seem to cope with those. On the
English Wikipedia, there were only ~27k anonymous edits per day over
the last month, so it would take 10 years to add 100M rows at that
rate, and the revision table has ~550M rows and we still haven't
bothered to shard it.

We shouldn't assume linear growth over a ten year period. Nonetheless, the technical scalability problems are probably solvable.

Matt Flaschen

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