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> I'm very sorry about these decisions. Not only because I disagree with them
> on the content (although there are one or two aspects I can live with) and
> because I think this is very bad for the volunteers, but also because the
> board returned to a mode where they make decisions without involving the
> stakeholders properly. The Affiliations Committee will probably come with a
> more elaborate (and perhaps nuanced) reply as a committee later, but after
> this email from Jan-Bart, I feel the need to emphasize that the Affiliation
> Committee was not consulted by the board on this topic - despite the
> suggestions being made now. Affcom was consulted on a different (but
> related) proposal by a staff member, with very different arguments from
> those that the board used in their discussion. In my feeling the board is
> painting an unjust and unfair picture of the consultation that took place.
> I'm strongly disappointed in /all/ board members for not consulting with
> the stakeholders (Affcom, FDC, the existing affiliated, the candidate
> affiliates and of course the community at large) on these strategy changing
> decisions. From the votes it is clear that these decisions were of course
> not unanimous, but the sole fact that a decision was taken at all without
> proper consultation (in favor or not) strikes me as almost offensive
> towards the volunteers involved. I feel this as a slap in the face and the
> board becomes an unreliable body making unpredictable course changes
> without allowing stakeholders to influence those.

I want to +1 on everything that Lodewijk says here.

The WMF board has done a really bad job here with involving its stakeholders. 
Both of these decisions should really have been prefaced with online discussion 
with the community, and also in-person discussion at the Wikimedia Conference 
in a couple of months time. Additionally, these two decisions relate 
specifically to topics that the WMF board has committees for - as such, ideally 
it should have asked the committees for clear recommendations about what could 
be done in both of these issues. That none of these took place is very 

> I hope that the board will return on this decision, and take it again after
> a proper consultation. But even more so, I hope that this situation will
> not repeat itself. I have brought this up before on the topic of bylaw
> changes, but similar arguments are of course valid here.

I share that hope.

(As per Lodewijk, this is sent in my personal capacity, although I am a member 
of the FDC.)

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