Dear movement fellows,

Thank you so much for your warm welcoming!

As Galileo said and thanks to the support of the team and specially at this
very first stage, from March 1st onwards I will asume the ED of Wikimedia
Argentina Foundation.
To be part of Wikimedia Argentina Foundation means to me an excellent
professional challenge that I am prepare to assume and also  the perfect
place where to project - generating more and better results- all the years
of trainning and work experience acquired during my career.

During the last ten years I have worked in the field of human development
and international cooperation from all its aspects- attempting different
development sectors like social, economic, educational, sustainable and
cultural development among others- and so I considere the development as
the comprehensive management of all of these concepts which are nowadays
the key in order to ensure fairer societies.

With your support, our work together and a tool like Wikipedia, I'm sure
that Wikimedia Argentina Foudations aswell as the rest of the chapters
around the world, can set up a new framework to encorage the social,
economic and cultural change we would like to see in the nearly future. In
this connection, I hope not only, all of us, to create more inclusive
projects, but these projects to be the result and the impact each one of us
would like to build up!

Thanks you so much for the opportunity!

Anna Torres Adell

On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 6:49 PM, Galileo Vidoni <> wrote:

> Dear movement fellows,
> I'm pleased to announce that Wikimedia Argentina has a new Executive
> Director. Please welcome Anna Torres Adell to our movement!
> Anna was born in Barcelona but settled in Buenos Aires a couple of years
> ago. She is a licentiate in Political Science for the Universitat Pompeu
> Fabra and has post-graduate studies in International Cooperation;
> Management and Control of Public Policies; and Local Development and the
> Social Economy.
> She developed an interest on international cooperation and social matters
> since her teens, helping establish an educational NGO in Guatemala when she
> was just over 20. She has since lived and worked in Spain, México,
> Guatemala and Argentina. Before joining us at Wikimedia Argentina, Anna was
> the ED of PROEM Foundation, an organization aimed at coaching small
> businesses. Anna's track record also includes working with AECID, the
> Spanish agency for international cooperation, and the United Nations
> Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM).
> She has extensive knowledge and experience in the five dimensions that we
> cared the most when recruiting: commitment with the social goal of free
> knowledge, working with volunteers, administration, program management and
> funding.
> Selecting Anna was not easy, but not because we couldn't find the right
> person: We had just too much good EDs we wanted to hire! Thankfully we
> could choose from an important pool of candidates and proceed to evaluate
> thoroughly each one of them. We received over 100 applications, of which
> not less than half were pertinent. We gave all of them a score and made
> successive filtering stages before arriving to the eight people we
> interviewed in person over the last days.
> As you may have read on this list back in January, our decision to hire a
> new ED has to do with Osmar leaving us to return to his home country. Let
> me highlight that this good news could not have been possible without
> Osmar's work and commitment. Not only he helped designing the work
> description for his replacement, but he also participated in the recruiting
> and hiring process.
> We are extremely grateful to all what he has done to advance our mission in
> Wikimedia Argentina, and while we are certainly saddened to see him go we
> know that both he and us are doing everything possible to leave the
> organization on track and in good hands. Programmatic work will not suffer
> from this leadership change; if any, we as Board will ensure it gets
> reinforced.
> Anna will formally start working with us on March 1, and throughout all of
> that month Osmar will continue with us in Benedict fashion as "ED emeritus"
> to ensure that all the necessary knowledge, proceedings and contacts are
> transferred from one administration to another. We are glad to have
> achieved this level of stability as an organization, and we'd love to
> spread the word about this happy and smooth transition in the
> WikimediaConference with whoever wants to hear us :).
> We asked Osmar to be one of our representatives in Berlin as his last act
> of service, so it will also be a nice opportunity for you to meet him. In
> the meantime, please welcome Anna to the Wikimedia movement and to this
> mailing list!
> Best regards,
> *Galileo Vidoni*
> Presidente
> A. C. Wikimedia Argentina
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