With apologies for any cross-posting, we are contacting you all now as we
are reaching out to the Wikimedia community and all program leaders,
evaluators, volunteers, and others who hold a stake and/or interest in
Wikimedia program evaluation and design.

We present this request for comment (RfC) and a new community discussion
page on the evaluation portal:

Let's Talk! Program Evaluation and Metrics

As we come upon one year’s time since our Program Evaluation and Design
team began on the initiative to build program evaluation capacity, we’d
like to hear from the community of Wikimedia -- program leaders,
evaluators, volunteers, and other stakeholders in program evaluation and
design -- about your perspectives on those efforts.

Background: The focus of the evaluation capacity building initiative is
peer learning, practice sharing, and the adoption of shared language and
approach to program evaluation across the movement. This initiative is to
support the discoverability and innovation of programs that will achieve
high impact. Importantly, the team is charged with developing learning
resources and tools to support program leaders to self-evaluate their
program efforts and impacts.

Current RfC: Please visit the dialogue pages to share your perspective on:

* How we should evaluate and report on the program evaluation and design
capacity-building initiative.

* The evaluation learning opportunities and resources made available.

* Program metrics piloted in the beta reports.

* How we should assess grantmaking to groups and individuals.


for all the details and to participate.

Please be encouraged to also forward this announcement to any lists or
individuals you think might be interested.

On behalf of the Program Evaluation and Design team, thank you for your
time and attention, we hope to hear from you in our portal.

Best regards,



Jaime Anstee, Ph.D
Program Evaluation Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation
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