Hi Wikimedia-l,

Just to say hello and introduce myself to the list. I'm a research professional 
seven years experience hoping to break into the legal field. I'm not 25 or 
anything like that though. I've done other stuff in my life, and I am 
middle-aged. How do I come here to the list? I was a Wikipedia (English) 
contributor for like six years before being blocked. I hope you do not infer 
guilt into that statement or that I'm somehow a bad person. I am not here to 
discuss that and would also ask you not to, of course, because it's off-topic 
for the list. I just say it because I'm introducing myself.

The reason I subscribe to the list is because after I couldn't edit content 
anymore, I became more interested and thoughtful as to the meaning of Wikipedia 
and its effect on the world. Because of the way people web-search for 
information, where Wikipedia of course is so incredibly often the top result, 
it has immense power on the way people think about the subjects of all its 
articles. The more I analyzed this, the more I became critical.

Anyhow, my interest in this Wikimedia Foundation list is really because I hold 
the WMF responsible for Wikipedia. I reject the notion that Wikipedia is just 
some separate construct owned by the WMF, like a copy machine or something. And 
for which it is not responsible. So I come here to be informed by all of you 
and also perhaps to inform all of you.

I know most on this list use their real names. I choose to maintain a 
pseudonym. It's not because I am scared to own my words. I want to own all my 
words. It's rather because I have realized that there is a value in online 
anonymity, because of the invasive force the Internet has become in telling any 
random stranger about our lives. I respect the decision though of those that 
sign their real name to everything, and endeavor to consider that in any 
interaction I have with you.

Signature: well let me see how my nickname shows up on the list. I selected 
"Trillium Corsage" as the name at the email service, but I typed "Cloaked 
Citizen" when I registered for this list. I guess I'll sign after this with 
whichever of those appears.



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