Erik Moeller wrote:
>... My own focus will be on fleshing out the overall narrative,
> aligning around organization-wide objectives, and helping to
> manage scope....

Steven Walling wrote:
> The Wikimedia Foundation does not write nor edit content
> on Wikipedia....

Newyorkbrad wrote:
>... The protection of Section 230 enables websites such as
> Wikipedia to operate without fear that the Foundation will be
> subject to suit anytime someone, such as a BLP subject,
> disagrees with the content of an article....

Are there any reasons that
should not be adopted as a Foundation engineering goal?

Is there anywhere in
where it fits in?

I am not a fan of neglecting low hanging fruit, especially when it is
characterized as something positive, like narrowing focus, fleshing
out a narrative, goal alignment, or managing scope. So much money is
coming in from contributors who deserve and could have so much more if
the Foundation leadership was more ambitious and less distracted by
incremental but relatively burdensome improvements to existing
solutions like the visual editor and talk page redesigns.

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