Erik Moeller, 27/06/2014 03:55:
As an update on the goals process for WMF engineering, we've begun
fleshing out out the top priorities for the first quarter.

This has already been an interesting and useful exercise, I feel. Those are indeed goals which need help from everyone who can. Which brings me to:

- The content API that Gabriel is working on ( ) is
called out as a top priority. This is because the Parsoid output (for
which the content API will be a high performance front-end) is now
getting to the point where it's starting to become plausible to
increasingly use it not just for VisualEditor, but also for views as

This is something I encourage everyone on this list to play with. I spent a couple days on Parsoid's output for and it's been fun, finding many things to report: while reasonable pages are rarely very broken, on a random page there is some 50 % chance of finding some visual glitch.

My favourite toy to this purpose is Kiwix:
* download a recent file for your favourite wiki at ,
* download Kiwix to open it ,
* start pressing "random page" and report surprises e.g. to


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