One of our most interesting projects, Vietnamese Wikipedia has now passed 1 M articles and has a growth just now of almost 100k/month

They use a clever bot named Cheer!-bot to generate a lot of very good articles. In some ways it is stronger then Lsjbot (covering more then spececies) but I do prefer that Lsjbot marks the generated articles with a template indicating they are botgenerated

start page:

Cheer-bot! generated articles (just now working on species like Lsjbot)!-bot

Statistics up to April notice active generating around one year from now

As I said a lot of times, I believe it is a weakness we are not making use of the many excellent inititves taking place on less well known verisons (like the lithuanian I mentioned some time ago). I am not even sure there are any from viwp acrtive on this list.

Also I recommend you to look through the content of viwp by using the use the Random article feature Bài vie^'t nga^~u nhiên <>


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