That's a great news that the Vietnamese Wikipedia has crossed 1M articles.
What are the significant reasons behind Vietnamese Wikipedia's such growth?
Is it just the usage of such clever Bots (that you have mentioned) or
contribution by the Vietnamese Wikipedians? And actually how does the
Cheer!-bot generate articles? Does it translate articles from English (or
other) Wikipedia? And apart from translating, can it set and maintain
correctly other aspects of Wikisyntax and coding?

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On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 11:38 AM, Anders Wennersten <> wrote:

> One of our most interesting projects, Vietnamese Wikipedia has now passed
> 1 M articles and has a growth just now  of almost 100k/month
> They use a clever bot named Cheer!-bot to generate a lot of very good
> articles. In some ways it is stronger then Lsjbot (covering more then
> spececies) but I do prefer that Lsjbot marks the generated articles with a
> template indicating they are botgenerated
> start page:
> Cheer-bot! generated articles (just now working on species like Lsjbot)
> %C4%90%C3%B3ng_g%C3%B3p/Cheers!-bot
> Statistics up to April
> notice active generating around one year from now
> As I said a lot of times, I believe it is a weakness we are not making use
> of the many excellent inititves taking place on less well known verisons
> (like the lithuanian I mentioned some time ago). I am not even sure there
> are any from viwp acrtive on this list.
> Also I  recommend you to look through the content of viwp by using the
>  use the Random article feature Bài vie^'t nga^~u nhiên <
> BB%87t:Ng%E1%BA%ABu_nhi%C3%AAn>
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