Hi Erik,

I understand you reasoning, but you couldn't have communicated and timed this in a worse way. You might be doing the right thing, but because of this ill communication and timing, this will be completely overshadowed. That saddens me. Good luck with the shit storm........ :-(


Erik Moeller schreef op 10-8-2014 14:27:
Hi folks,

Admins are currently given broad leeway to customize the user
experience for all users, including addition of site-wide JS, CSS,
etc. These are important capabilities of the wiki that have been used
for many clearly beneficial purposes. In the long run, we will want to
apply a code review process to these changes as with any other
deployed code, but for now the system works as it is and we have no
intent to remove this capability.

However, we've clarified in a number of venues that use of the
MediaWiki: namespace to disable site features is unacceptable. If such
a conflict arises, we're prepared to revoke permissions if required.
This protection level provides an additional path to manage these
situations by preventing edits to the relevant pages (we're happy to
help apply any urgent edits) until a particular situation has calmed


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