13.08.2014, 01:46, "svetlana" <svetl...@fastmail.com.au>:

> if the community was not so willing to use force (ie a js hack) against the 
> other party
> instead of talking properly
> then the superprotect wouldn't exist at all
> you seeing the problem there? whose problem is it?
> desire to act out of the blue instead of collaborating
> they didn't collaborate at all
> they added the js hack as if it was something urgent, that needs saving 
> people from
> i would only do this if someone added a virus into mv by mistake
> this community thinks that its power structures allow to tromp onto other 
> people

I agree with your thinking here Svetlana, but would disagree with your 
terminology that the vocal complainers about superprotect should be shorthanded 
as "the community." That is what they like to think of themselves, but they are 
really a minority of the community. They are the administrative culture. They 
are not really the editors, not really the readers, both of those groups dwarf 
the administrators and administrative participants. 

The community is all the readers, all the editors, and after them in size the 
vocal and visible administrative set. So Mr. Moeller shouldn't feel 
intimidated, and clearly doesn't, when a bunch of very loud people writes 
volumes of complaining text on discussion pages insisting that he has affronted 
"the community."

Trillium Corsage

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