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2014-08-19 10:38 GMT+02:00 Amir Ladsgroup <ladsgr...@gmail.com>:
> It's three now but the way I designed, it's very easy to extend.

Thanks for this report. I am amazed that over the hundreds of
thousands of Wikipedia biographies[*] it seems that we have only 38
Am I understanding your report correctly?

You may want to add some sort of "false positives" list. For example,
for Jimmy Wales in it.wp[1] there's a through explanation about the
uncertainty related to Jimbo's birth date. So I would consider that
being a false positive. A similar situation occurs for Beethoven.

That said I was able to find that Bob Marley's birth date in Wikidata
was incorrectly set to 6 April 1945, when in fact it is indeed 6
February 1945 as en.wp, de.wp, and it.wp where correctly reporting.
(Fixed[2] now!)



[*] 265537 in it.wiki: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Categoria:BioBot
[1] https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Wales

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